The Consultation

Please bring images, samples, colors, photos, sketches, anything that inspired the look of the wedding. In the past, brides have shown pictures of their dress details, photos of their bouquet or flowers, copies of an invite, color swatches, clips from Pinterest, tumblr, facebook and other social media outlets. This can heavily influence the design, and tells me more about the bride, the groom, and their wedding. This is the easiest part of the cake experiences, besides enjoying it on the wedding day. I enjoy discovering what you want and how to design it for you!

It helps to have an idea of how many guests you will have, and if the meal is plated or served by stations. The number of guests can assist with determining the number of tiers on the cake. While there is no charge for the consult, which lasts about an hour, clients can expect to taste four different flavors – chocolate, vanilla, red velvet and poundcake. Usually the consultation includes the bride, the groom and one other guest, who will each have their own tasting plate to enjoy!

I think you will find that most difficult part of the consult is choosing the flavor, as some clients can’t seem to pick a favorite – a happy challenge for most!

About Me

While in high school, I worked with Minette Rushing of Custom Cakes – she has been an integral part of my journey through cake design. I learned so much from her by doing a little bit of everything. I sold desserts from a case in the front of the shop, assisted with customers and helped with baking, off and on for over 5 years. After college, Minette asked for help with a class and I agreed to help. I was reminded about how much I enjoyed it, and took on more decorating and design.

My personal motivation comes from the design aspects. I enjoy hearing from the brides, and grooms, what they like, what they want and influencing their dream wedding with my creation. Weddings are a moment you will never forget, and the cake is a part of something a couple will love and enjoy. A cake is much more than just flour, sugar, and frosting. It should be a reflection of a couple’s personality, a glimpse at who they are, a sweet taste of their story. I want to create confections inspired by the same elements that move a couple and the vision for their wedding.